What is new in version 6.1?

  • Crash recovery
  • Repair AVI and WAV
  • Audio compression
  • Only Audio Recording
  • New Movie Studio Layout

What is new in version 5.2?

  • WASAPI audio loopback recording in Windows 7 and Vista for recording computer sound
  • New interface
  • Improved audio buffer settings (including custom buffer settings)
  • Faster drawing functions for transparent object and effects
  • Various bug fixes related to preset regions, autopan recording, shortcut keys, zooming in autopan recordings
  • Recording multiple monitors at the same time in full screen recording
  • Improved audio synchronization
  • Scrolling control for SWF videos
  • Object handling in Movie Lab improved (faster runtime playback speed and video compilation speed)
  • Audio bug in Movie Lab causing crash on some systems fixed
  • Memory leak in new functions of transparent objects and effects drawings fixed
  • Movie Lab object grid window (timeline) improved
  • Registration of all Windows user accounts